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I'm Lindsey, owner of Sky Blue Day Studio. The most out going, passionate, loving, loyalist person in the universe!! I currently reside in Philadelphia, PA. with my two awesome son's who I adore to the moon and back. My husband, a hard working man was put in my life for all the right reasons. Currently I hold an AAB from the University of Phoenix, I am a license Massage Therapist and have a certificate in Aromatherapy. I love my Life.....


For years I suffered from a condition called PMDD Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. PMDD to keep it simple is a hormonal imbalance. There are many symptoms,  some including mood swings, depression, feeling out of control, sleep problems, cramping & bloating, hot flashes and more. In order to be diagnose with this disorder you have to have a least 5 or more symptoms. Those symptoms should occur 7-10 days before your cycle comes on and go away shortly after you begin your cycle. I often describe it as PMS to the 10th power. 

Once I was diagnose my OBGYN immediately prescribe a number of medications to try to balance my anxiety, depression, sleep problems and mood swings. I never was one to take meds because I'm a worry freak.  I'm skeptical of what really is going into our bodies as far as the ingredients in these medications. I tried three different medications and honestly they made me feel worst.  So along with my many symptoms with PMDD, I now have a hand full of more symptoms with my medication prescribe to help me. For me, PMDD is a very unbearable condition to live with. It effected my entire life tremendously, at home, work, in my marriage and just taking to much energy away from ME! I need my energy. Good, positive energy. I need focused energy and feel good energy. I just needed and wanted to control and defeat THE MONSTER!! And I did. I put my massage & aromatherapy knowledge to great use. I took classes and researched and studied. I then created a very effective blend of grade A essential oils to give you what's needed....BALANCE.

So need less to say me suffering from a unbearable, uncontrollable condition (as PMDD is ) has inspired me to create two therapeutic blends to assist with managing chronic symptoms from PMS, PMDD & Menopause. Also, specific sleep disorders. Our products are 100% natural. Meaning little to no side effects. All ingredients are from nature. No chemicals. No filters. No synthetic properties. I use our emotional balance spray daily. I am more balanced, less anxious and have more control over my life. Natural products are becoming more and more popular.  I'm loving going natural!!! Just remember natural products requires patience and consistency. Trust the process.  Life is good!

Lindsey M. Robinson, LMT